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Thursday, 30 July 2020

ECF Online Competition - National 100

With the suspension of OTB chess the ECF has suspended the National Stage of the Counties Championship. This is somewhat disappointing for Middlesex as they have 4 teams waiting to participate as they had successfully negotiated the SCCU competition - Open (SCCU Champions), u180 (Runner-up), u160 (SCCU Champions) and u120 (3rd). Each were expecting to go on to achieve great things in the National Stage.

In light of the suspension the ECF devised a new venture the Online Counties Competition in which Middlesex have entered and are doing well. However, despite the competition's success it was noticed that a group of players were poorly catered for the u100. In order to redress the balance a new section has been devised that will run in conjunction with the knock-out stage from 8th August to 22nd August, The National 100.

In short there are 4 Regional u100 teams who will participate in an All-Play-All format to determine the winner. 

For further information read the National 100 on the ECF Online page

For those interested in competition they should register here
Alternatively contact one of the following:
The South Team Captain - Anthony Fulton
The South Team Vice Captain - Angela Eyton