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Wednesday, 15 March 2023

County Championship News

A message from Anthony Fulton, MCCA Senior Match Captain:

"On 11th March 2023 the SCCU Cycle came to an end and all told it was a successful one for the County!
Open - SCCU Champions
u1850 - SCCU Champions
u1650 - 2nd
u2050 - 3rd
u1450 - 3rd/4th (final position to be determined as there is a unresolved dispute however should all teams finish on 6pts it looks as though Mx will miss out on Game Points (2nd tie-break!))

Once again the Open and u1850 teams finish as regional champions and their comprehensive wins in the final round of matches sends out a message to their national rivals.
It is good to see the u1650 once again reach the KO stage after a lengthy break (2014-15)
The u2050 will keep fingers crossed to see if extra teams required, unlikely
The u1450 will rue their slow start to the campaign as they look like missing out.

Now that the regional stage is over we can look forward to National Stage and taking on our national rivals.
The Open will be seeking to regain the National Title which has rested with NCCU since 2014.
The u1850 will be seeking to defend their title and if they do Keith will in essence be the first 3rd team captain to completed a hat-trick of victories (2018-19, 2021-22, 2022-23?). Granted COVID-19 has spoilt a pure hat-trick but it is a hat-trick nevertheless as the team would have won the last three contested titles!

The dates for the National Stages are:
22nd April 2023 Preliminary - All sections
13th May 2023 QF Open and u1850
20th May 2023 QF u1650
10th June 2023 SF All sections
1st July 2023 F All sections

The results for this campaign holds us in good stead for 2023-24 as we should be looking to be getting all teams to National Stage. If we can develop the junior team as well we will show that Middlesex is a force at all levels not only regionally but nationally! 

Congratulations to all captains and squad members for another fully completed cycle!

Go on the Middlesex!"

If you would like to represent the County either contact the captains via the Officers page or complete the following form.

Saturday, 9 April 2022

A History of Chess in Brent

Speaking about the history of clubs in the Middlesex area, Willesden & Brent Chess Club Secretary, Anthony Fulton, advises that the club has published a document outlining the history of chess in his borough of Brent. The article has been written in order to show that chess in Brent (actually the former Wembley Urban District and Willesden Municipal Borough) is not alien and it inspires more in the borough to give chess a go!

The article can be found on W&BCC website along with ECF Chess Histories.


Hammersmith reach 60year milestone!

Hammersmith Chess Club are intending to celebrate their 60th birthday with a chess congress over the Queen's Platinum Jubilee weekend - 4th and 5th June 2022 - see here for more details. The club were born in August 1962 after the actions of P. Martin to found one. They initially met at Westcott Lodge.

It will be interesting to note that although Hammersmith may be running its first ever congress a Hammersmith Congress did exist beforehand. In January 1968 Thames Valley Chess League (TVCL) and Hammersmith Corporation agreed to run a four-day congress called the Hammersmith Chess Congress. It could only be held as TVCL agreed their Richmond Congress could be held in Hammersmith. The first congress ran from 15th-18th April 1968 and it ran annually until to at least 1976. It will be left to those interested in the chess history of Hammersmith and/or TVCL to complete.

Good luck to Hammersmith on their new venture and an early, 'Happy Birthday!'

Monday, 14 February 2022

Stanmore Chess Club

 A new chess club has formed in the Middlesex area - Stanmore Chess Club.

Their details were found purely by accident when reviewing the ECF's Club Finder's page to identify unaffiliated clubs in Middlesex area who have individuals willing and able to represent one of the county teams. The words of the club's founder are left to speak for themselves:

"We play social chess and offer coaching for beginners and those who want to improve their game. We offer an oportunity to make new chess friends with short demos, instruction and checking of understanding. We are very excited to have moved to Stanmore Library, 8 Stanmore Hill, Stanmore, Harrow, HA7 3BQ as of Tuesday 9th November (and each Tuesday thereafter) from 2.30 – 4.45pm.
Current attendees range in age from 4yrs to 70yrs and include people in business, at school and retired. We promote the skills of logic, reading, numeracy, creativity, language, problem solving and Chess etiquette i.e. we play quietly to help concentration.
Harrow Library services are very pleased to host us and they are looking to utilise the Borough Council website to promote our Chess club in a COVID safe environment."
It is hoped that the club will expand beyond their current hours and although based in Harrow consider reaching out to the Edgware area. It has been over 50years since there has been a club in that part of the world and Stanmore could fill the void.
It is also hoped that at some stage Stanmore will affiliate to the Association and take part in its events. Irrespective of affiliation we look forward to their players contacting the county captains in order to represent one of the county's teams.
Stanmore, welcome to Middlesex if not yet the Association!