Monday, 3 October 2016

Middlesex U120 V Kent U120 @ Home on 01/10/2016 Results

It all started with Middlesex winning the toss and  Kent team bringing us two free points with defaults in the last two boards. Thanks to James and Michael for waiting for that 60 minutes to bring us the first points. But already it was all happening in the boards with Phil drawing the first blood with a knight up in the 40th minute since we started.  

Jenny delivered some spectacular queen maneuver and got our first win over the board in 90 minutes. Barry Fraser went for bishop sacrifice on h6 sqaure and started terrorizing his opponent. Top 6 boards were fighting hard as the Kent players gave a good resistance to keep the odds high. 

Phil was questioned in the 42nd move with a stalemate but he went on well to answer with a win. I was a knight up by that time and was  sensing a win for  and Middlesex. 

In two hours from we started well experienced  Surjit delivered a decisive fork in his 24th move and gave us another point. Dejan agreed for a draw to increase the lead and Middlesex was smelling victory. David who joined to strengthen our top boards delivered what was expected from him and by now in 120 minutes from we started Middlesex already won with 6.5 to 1.5. 

After 3 hours of toiling and Only 4 games to go I was over excited and blundered and lost my queen. Barry's opponent found his way out and eventually the sacrifice lead him to a loss. I saved my self with a good rook and bishop defense to settle for a draw. John Harvey took the game into the 4th hour but since we already won agreed for a draw with his opponent as he needed to return back strong in a weeks time.

Alexander and James played exceptionally well  but it was not their day. They will return strong as hungry tigers which smelt the blood to take on Surrey next week.

It was a brilliant team work and thank you all. Win or loose I am sure we all enjoyed our chess.

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