Monday, 20 May 2013

The Counties Quarter Finals Success

AF writes;
"Dear All,
The QF see both teams achieve resounding victories.
Highlights are:
The team score the 3rd biggest win in Middlesex history in securing a 14-2 win. 
Although victory was expected the margin of it was surprising. However it is not so when on the eve of the match the Warwickshire captain requests the match is played over 12 boards instead of the mandatory 16 as he is struggling to get a team together. He must be congratulated on fielding a team albeit one that was outclassed - bar top 3 boards all others were outgraded by at least 20points per board. On one hand it is most unsatisfactory considering the Open is supposed to be flagship event and you would expect to have closer matches in all rounds. However better though to get match after all the arrangements rather than having it scratched. It is envisaged that our SF match will be a tougher proposition, especially if we have to go to Kent's backyard! They'll be smarting from their earlier defeat to us this cycle. I will advise who our SF opponent is once known however date for diary is 8th June 2013.
Ti please accept my apologies for being unable to get a game. Unless already resolved please note that in accordance with the rules Warwickshire must reimburse any reasonable costs you have incurred. Could you give me an idea of what expenses you incurred and I'll pass onto my counter part.
It is hoped that Nevil or team members will add to attached report.
Match report here:
The team score a 10-6 win, a larger margin than expected as the team averages suggested a par score of 8.5-7.5.
The match did not get off to an auspicious start as at start time Devon were missing 3/4's of their team! It transpires that an event in the Northern part of the county pretty much brings it to a halt. For competition sake the start is delayed and once started apart from one or two hiccups Middlesex go on to maintain their 100% record over Devon.
The win is welcome as it sees me celebrate the following milestone in style: My 50th match as u175/u180 captain. With the Open winning yesterday on the assumption you and the committee want me to continue managing the team the milestone of captaining 50 Open matches will be reached in the 2013-14 cycle irrespective of the outcome of the current cycle.
Anyway Middlesex now go onto face Cambridgeshire in SF and looking at the 'full strength' team fielded against Nottinghamshire they should hold no fears so we should expect to reach the final to try and become the 1st county since Warwickshire to retain Ron Banwell Trophy; however as usual job needs to be done in SF first. SF will also be played on 8th June 2013.
Peter once again please accept my apologies for being unable to get a game. As discussed could you give me an idea of what expenses you incurred and I'll pass onto Devon captain.
Match report here:
Congratulations to all concerned and my personal thanks goes to Peter Hawran, Roger Scowen and John Woolley who all turned out at the last minute to ensure the u180 had a full complement. A great weekend for Middlesex will be made even better if the u140 team also managed to win.
Go on the Middlesex!"

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