Thursday, 12 July 2012

Celebrate With Middlesex

Have I mentioned that we won the ECF Counties Championships - for the 29th time?  See Steve Coles pics on Facebook here.

From our glorious Captain, Anthony Fulton - "As promised I can confirm the details of get together to celebrate our finals victory. Due to the London League Rapidplay competition taking place on 18th July I have brought it forward to 17th July 2012. Full details: Date 17th July 2012, Location: The Pilot (function room), Time: 7pm.
There will be photo opportunities galore with the Lowenthal Trophy at the very least - an impressive piece of silverware up close!!" (here is the pub's own site and here is a report from Streatham & Brixton's blog with a nice picture of said trophy - Ed.)

From Andrew Bak of - "Congratulations on Middlesex's triumphs in the County Championships last weekend, it requires a lot of strength in depth and excellent play on the day to win both the Open and U180 titles!

We thought that members of Middlesex County Chess Association might be interested in reading our report of the match from a Yorkshire perspective. We'd be grateful if you could forward this link to the webmaster of the Middlesex CCA site and ask him to link to our report on the website. Of course we will be more than happy to link to Middlesex's report once it is completed!

I hope you enjoy the report!"

Thanks Andrew - here is ours! 

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