Thursday, 7 July 2011

AGM Minutes 040711

Middlesex County Chess Association

Annual General Meeting

Monday 4th July 2011, Exmouth Arms


Peter Ackley Hayes
Peter Grant-Ross Kings Head
Robert Mumford Kings Head
Graham Snow
Adam Raoof Hendon
Colin Mackenzie Kings Head
Alan Marshall Harrow
Charlie McAleenan Athenaeum
Mike Mackenzie Hammersmith
Angela Eyton
Steve Banks Enfield
Wil Ransome Muswell Hill
David Ebbett Ealing
Anthony Fulton Willesden and Brent
Frank Chin Hackney
A Chamberlain Harrow
Kate Cooke Metropolitan (pp Charlie Cooke)

Apologies for Absence: Chris Fewtrell


Division 1 trophy received on behalf of Ealing by David Ebbett.

Division 2 trophy won by Athenaeum: trophy to be transferred from Willesden.

Division 3 trophy (location currently unknown) won by Albany.

Formula 4 trophy won by Enfield.

Formula Under-160 won by Muswell Hill. A trophy may be obtained and named the Lila Fewtrell Trophy in recognition of the work done for the County by Lila.

Presidential address:

New venue: The Pilot, Chiswick.

The Middlesex League ran smoothly this year.

No Middlesex teams reached the finals of the County Championships this year.

Three County stalwarts died this year: Hanan Afnan, John McVicar and Lila Fewtrell.

Minutes of the 2010 meeting:

Approved with some spelling corrections on surnames.


These were presented, discussed and approved. One minor question was whether Insurance should be listed as a fixed asset or current asset. All debtors have now been paid off.

League Secretary's report:

Graham Snow reported that the new rule 16 on grading order now works well after some initial teething troubles. There have been requests to clarify international grading. Incorrect clock adjustment caused a problem in one match.

There will be two new teams in Division 3 next season: Hendon 4 and Muswell Hill 2.

Team captains' and tournament reports:

Open (Anthony Fulton): finished 3rd in SE, beat Greater Manchester, lost to Lancashire.

U-180 (Anthony Fulton): finished 3rd in SE, lost to Warwickshire. It was thought that the Warwickshire captain had not been sporting in agreeing date of play as the match occurred on a day when the Middlesex Open, U-180 and U-160 teams were all playing. For next season, it was requested that players interested in playing County
chess should contact their match captains.

U-160: team got to quarter finals but withdrew because of a lack of players: those who turned up played for the U-180 and Open teams. U-140: did not qualify from the SE regional section.

Individual: This was organised by Peter Ackley at The Pilot, Chiswick. 1st R.Haldane 6/6, 2nd P.Ackley 4.5/6, 3rd B.O'Gorman 4/6.

Correspondence: Middlesex are on 5.5 out of 13 or 14. There is
pressure to inrease electronic boards rather than postal boards.

Junior chess: Graham Snow organised a congress but numbers were
small. Angela Eyton arranged a tournament at a girls' school, which
was better attended. Graham Snow is standing down as Junior
captain; Angela Eyton is taking over.

The Winters Trophy and Ralph Barnett Trophy competitions were not
held this year.

There were no Middlesex League committee meetings this year other
than the AGM.

Delegates to ECF / SCCU:

Adam Raoof reported that meetings had gone smoothly. There was some
discussion about the ECF memership scheme. Adam Raoof stated that a
scheme "will be implemented" but that full details had not yet been
settled. David Ebbett suggested that occasional players might be
put off by compulsory membership.

Election of officers:all were nem con.

President: Adam Raoof
Vice President: Peter Grant-Ross
Treasurer: Robert Mumford
League Secretary: Graham Snow
Open and U-180: Anthony Fulton
U-160: Nick Collacott
U-140 and / or U-120: to be announced.
Team tournament: unlikely to happen.
Individual tournament: to be announced
Winters Trophy: to be announced.
Ralph Barnett Trophy: to be announced.
Correspondence: A.Chamberlain
Grading: Colin Mackenzie
Junior: Angela Eyton
Auditor: Peter Walters.

Any Other Business:

Grading Scheme: extensive discussion took place on the ECF decision
to publish two standard-play grading lists per year. The guidelines
stated by Adam Raoof are that the summer list is to be used for
eligibility and the winter list may be used to vary board order in
line with current playing strength. This might be particularly
useful in the Formula divisions.

Sky TV: David Ebbett reported that one or more chess players are
being sought to take part in a dance competition.

League management software: Adam Raoof reported on a piece of free
software written by John Upham which assists in managing chess
league organisation. It was decided to look into this during the
2011-12 season with a view to possible adoption the following year.
Colin Mackenzie stated that the main work involved inputting of

Dates of future meetings:

Fixtures meeting: 12th September, Exmouth Arms, 7.00.

Next AGM: Monday after County final. Venue TBA.

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