Monday, 12 July 2010

AGM Minutes 120710

Middlesex County Chess Association
AGM 12/07/2010

C. Cooke (Metropolitan)
J. White (Hammersmith)
Dipak Shah (Harrow)
P. Makepeace (Muswell Hill)
A. Raoof (Hendon)
P. Ackley (President)
K. Pattni (Hendon)
A. Chamberlain (Harrow)
M. Bennett (Hendon)
C. Todd (Harrow)
R. Mumford (Treasurer/Kings Head)
J. McVicar (Kings Head/Hon Auditor)
A. Fulton (Willesden & Brent/Match Captain)
D. Ebbett (Ealing)
S. Banks (Enfield)
C. Fewtrell (Committee)
G. Snow (Hayes/League Secretary)

H. Afnan, C. Mackenzie, A.Marshall

Presidents Address & Trophies
A successful year…
Division 1:- Hendon – Dave Ebbott has trophy (returned)
Division 2:- Willesden & Brent – Trophy received
Division 3:-Harrow – No trophy/missing (trophy to be recovered)
Division 4:- Enfield A (Formula 3) - New division/ no trophy
Division 4:- Enfield B (Formula 4) – Will Ransome has trophy

Approval of Minutes
Chris Fewtrell proposed, Anthony Fulton seconded – carried

Matters Arising not covered elsewhere

Treasurer’s Report
-Last two clubs – one received/on paid.
-Treasurer to look into putting some of the funds into a deposit account.
-Accounts presented. Questions about use of “written-off” as a revenue item.
-Accounts passed with 1 objection.
-Game fee set at 54p per game. No rise in charges from previous season. Despite ECF increases.

League Secretary’s report
-Well done on a good season.
-Dispute over Board position/grade.
-Barnet Knights/Potters Bar dropped out.
-Hendon/ Harrow entered new teams.

Match Captains report
Open: -Poor season
U180:- Disaster due to grading changes
U160:- We Woz Robbed
U140:- Player 5 won 2. Due to players not wanting to travel. No problems with defaults.
Individual Tournament:- not run – Anthony Fulton may be willing to run next year.
Correspondence Chess:- Report from Hassan Afnan. Call for players. [Rupert Pickens/A. Raoof]
Junior Chess:- Graham Snow looking into team. Tournament 31st October.Anthony Fulton to promote. Schools Chess, problems with enhanced CRB. GS/AF to discuss Junior chess. M. Pein Chess in schools – look to work with. Junior Chess Steering committee proposed: John McVicar, Seconded Adam Raoof.
Winters Trophy:- Not run.
Ralph Barnet:- ??

Colin Crouch, Angela Eyton, John White.

Delegate to ECF/SCCU
Chris Fewtrell

Election of Officers
President:- Peter Ackley-Unanimous
Vice-President:- Peter Grant-Ross-Unanimous
Treasurer:- Robert Mumford-Unanimous
League Secretary:- Graham Snow-Unanimous

Match Captains
Open/U180:- Anthony Fulton- Unanimous
U160/U140/U120:– Delegated until after grades notified

Tournament Officers
Team:- Postponed
Individual:- Anthony Fulton possibly run in 2011. Hendon proposed as a venue. Captain required.
Winters:- Not run- mention on Website/ replaced by City Rapid-play league.
Correspondence:- Hassan Afnan wants to resign. Andrew (Chamberlain?) willing to replace. To talk to Hassan.
Ralph Barnet:- Anthony Fulton to continue.
Grader:- Colin Mackenzie to continue.
Junior:- Graham Snow to continue.
Auditor:- John McVicar proposed and carried.

Proposed rule change by Adam Raoof
Alterations to proposal:
-within +/- 10 ECF points.
-ungraded players may play on any board according to their playing strength.
-unless opposing captain aggress otherwise.
3 against/ 9 for/ 2 abstentions – carried.

“The opposing captains, or their deputies, shall exchange the names of their players and grades, which they shall place in their recognised order of current ECF grade according to the published online Master List, plus or minus 10 points. Where players have no ECF grade but have a FIDE rating or, failing that, a National Rating, then their grade for the purpose of board order shall be the ECF equivalent as calculated using the recognised ECF conversion chart. Ungraded players may play on any board according to their playing strength. Both captains may agree to vary the rule.”

Any Other Business
-Why do results take so long to go onto website (delays due to match captains reporting, and volunteer status of reported).
-Vote of Thanks to Committee.

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